After initially dismissing Masika Kalysha's claims that she is pregnant with his child, Fetty Wap has turned a new leaf and appears to be ready for parenthood. In Jan., Fetty and Kalysha feuded on Twitter but on Feb. 18, the "Trap Queen" rapper took to Twitter once again to tell the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star that he wanted what's best for the child.

The Jersey native is making good on his claims and according to TMZ, Fetty took Masika on a $20,000 shopping spree for baby clothes, toys and furniture at the Los Angeles store Petit Tresor this week.

While the rapper is doing his best to make nice for the betterment of the child, reports circulated last week that Kalysha filed for the rapper to take a paternity test. Along with the requested test, TMZ also reported that the legal documents demand that the former XXL Freshman pay pregnancy expenses and eventual child support. Masika claims that she pays $4,500 for rent, $820 for a housekeeper and $2,000 for clothes per month. The reality TV actress is also asking for full legal and physical custody once the child is born.

When TMZ cameras caught Masika exiting a Los Angeles restaurant on Feb. 27, she was singing a different tune. When a reporter asked why she was going through with the paternity test , she responded with, "Who said we were? I was but I don't need to now. Everything's all good."

Musically, Fetty kicked off 2016 by teaming up with Monty, the Remy Boyz and Khaos for the Zoo 16 mixtape.

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