Felix Snow and Wintertime have just dropped a zany animated visual for "In My Bag," a track from their relatively new mixtape No Winter Without Snow. Peep the new video up top.

The song itself features an upbeat instrumental produced Wintertime to go along with Auto-tune-heavy vocals from Wintertime. Wintertime turns in a melodic verse about flexing on all the girls that turned him down and having more money than all of his haters. His verse is cool, but what he's saying isn't as important as the vibe of the entire track.

The "In My Bag" video features animated versions of Wintertime and Felix Snow. The two artists seem to be having a pretty good time in the colorful visual, which sees their animated counterparts doing everything from playing basketball to snowboarding. Wintertime brings what looks like an AK-47 to literally shoot his shot with the girl of his dreams. This video is weird.

In a recent email interview, Felix Snow offered a little background information about the song. "Wintertime traveled all the way back from the year 3017 solely to vocal these tracks," he said in the email. "He's back there now and says all the 3017 people are really vibing out to 'In My Bag' and 'Winter Workout Plan' and are all very happy this mixtape was released a thousand years ago. He told me to tell you it has received an official thousand year freshness stamp from humankind and holds a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes."

Hopefully we get more visuals from the two time-traveling artists in the near future.

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