Has Hov struck again? Known for setting just as many trends as he's ended (remember Mitchell & Ness?), the God MC recently set his sights on Auto-Tune abusive singers and MCs.

While the trend has faded considerably since hitting its peak last summer, Auto-Tune still has a strong presence on the radio. But with Hov, arguably hip-hop's most influential MC ever, making such a strong statement, industry insiders and Auto-Tune practitioners are wondering if Hov's "D.O.A." symbolizes the vocoder's funeral. XXLMag.com caught up with Soulja Boy, who recently released his first Auto-Tune records, Ron Browz, who broke through thanks to Auto-Tune-laced singles, DJ Khaled and Ace Hood, to get their opinions on the impact "D.O.A." will have on the industry.

Ron Browz: I don’t know what kind of impact, you know? Hot records is hot records, wack records is wack records. If a record is hot and the streets feel it, they gon feel it if it has Auto-Tune or not. I’m gonna have songs with it, some without it. I’m getting nominated for awards for a record that has it in it so…

DJ Khaled: It’s an amazing record. Jay-Z is one of the best in the game. Shout to Jay-Z for shouting me out [on the record]. I salute that, you feel me? I mean, music is music, you know what I’m saying? He ain’t dissing nobody, he’s just saying it’s overdone. He shouted brothers like T-Pain that’s supposed to do it.

Soulja Boy: That’s a crazy track. I know it’s gon' stir up a lot of controversy, but Jay-Z is one of the best so a lot of people gon be tuned into it, man. I don’t know what to say about that one. If people [will] stop using it, I don’t know, man? T-Pain, his whole thing is Auto-Tune, so you asking you think it’ll end T-Pain’s career?

Ace Hood: Shouts out to T-Pain, shouts out to Hova. Hova shouted out we the best. It’s a big record, you know? I can’t really say so. I don’t use Auto-Tune myself so I can’t really say it. I mean, T-Pain feel like he know Hov wasn’t talking to him and whatnot, so you know at the end of the day it’s all love. T-Pain do what he do. He’s one of the biggest artists in the game. He make hit records. -Bruce Moses with reporting by Devin Chanda