Fat Joe might be producing one rap legend's next album.

During his appearance on the latest episode of XXL’s Hip-Hop Moments of Clarity podcast, which premiered on Friday (Dec. 13), the Bronx rhymer said that he might be executive-producing LL Cool J’s next album.

"I don't know if it's a fact, but I do think I'm executive-producing LL Cool J's next album," he said. "I can't tell you if it's a fact, but me and him we...yeah, I think I'm executive-producing his album. He's my idol."

Joe and Uncle L have a lot in common. First, they are both legends in the rap game and they are both happily married to their wives, Lorena Cartagena and Simone Smith, respectively. Additionally, LL gave Joe a major look back in 1995 by including him on his “I Shot Ya (Remix),” which also featured Keith Murray, the late Prodigy and Foxy Brown. Coincidentally, Joe sampled LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” on “Hands on Me” from his latest album, Family Ties.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Fat Joe, along with producer Dre, talked the untimely death of Juice Wrld and his reaction where he heard Eminem diss Nick Cannon on "Lord Above," which reignited their rap feud.

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You can watch the latest episode of the podcast on YouTube below. Fast forward to the 30-minute mark to hear Fat Joe talk about possibly executive-producing LL Cool J's next album.

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