Another historic Verzuz hits battle went down last night, this time between Fat Joe and Ja Rule at Madison Square Garden in New York City. However, Joey Crack is getting a ton of backlash for his disrespectful comments about Vita and Lil’ Mo, who were in attendance with Ja.

On Tuesday night (Sept. 14), the two veteran rappers delivered the hits and brought out plenty of guest stars, including the two aforementioned artists, AshantiJadakissRemy Ma and Nelly. Today (Sept. 15), Joe jumped on his Twitter account and apologized to Vita and Lil’ Mo for disparaging remarks he made about the two women during the battle.

“Shout out to the ladies very sorry if i disrespected i love vida and lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters,” he tweeted.

What Fat Joe is referring to is his comments during the Verzuz battle, in which he and Ja Rule were teasing each other about bringing out guests to help them out. Joe said, “Oh, you got all of them dusty bitches back there, Ja,” referring to Vita and Lil’ Mo, who were waiting backstage. The Bronx rhymer then added, “You had to go to the crack house to find them bitches.”

Later, Fat Joe, possibly alluding to Vita’s slender frame, told Ja, “You gotta feed these girls some food, Ja. My bitches is rich.”

Thankfully, Ja checked Joe about his rude remarks about Vita and Lil’ Mo. “I'm shocked at you. I’m shocked at you being so disrespectful to the ladies, Crack,” he scolded the Terror Squad leader. “I’m shocked at you, calling the ladies all kinds of bitches. I’m shocked at you. Show a little respect.”

After the Verzuz show, Lil 'Mo said that she was “disappointed” in Fat Joe’s remarks in the comment section of an Instagram post.

Fans on Twitter also called out Fat Joe for his comments about the women at the Verzuz event.

"Pardon my language but we as men have to stop calling women “bitches”. Watching that verzuz and fat Joe calling lil mo and vita out their name was wild disrespectful. Let’s be better," wrote one person.

Another user tweeted, "Lil Mo and Vita looked great last night… Remy Ma and Ashanti looked great last night. Fat Joe’s apology needs to be as loud as all the sh*t talking he was doing last night. That was wack!"

Another fan saluted Ja Rule for checking Fat Joe on his remarks about Vita and Lil’ Mo.

"You just don’t disrespect the veterans especially Vita and Lil Mo both underrated. They deserve the proper respect and flowers too. BouquetI’m happy Ja Rule called you out on your bullshit," the person tweeted.

You can listen to Fat Joe’s disrespectful comments about Vita and Lil’ Mo during his Verzuz battle with Ja Rule below.

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