Fat Joe's storytelling animation with XXL continues as the "All The Way Up" rapper recalls his very first encounter with the late and great rapper Big Pun. Taking it back to the early days when The Punisher used to rhyme in the streets of the Bronx with his crew, Joe shares another funny and hilarious story about the fallen rapper.

Joe recalls the time he stepped foot into a Bronx bodega to pick up a few things remembers a young heavyset Pun walking up to him as he exited the bodega and asking Joe if he could spit a couple of bars. After getting Joe's attention, Pun began spitting his signature flows mixed with his unique wordplay and double rhyming skills.

Losing his mind after Pun crushed his freestyle, Fat Joe recalls telling the "Still Not a Player" rapper to get in his car while Pun's former group members -- Cuban Link, Triple Seis and Toom -- looked from afar while telling Joe that Pun was in a group. Taking Pun to the studio that same night they met, Joe and the Puerto Rican rapper had their very first recording session where they recorded the track "Watch Out" off of Fat Joe's second studio album, Jealous One's Envy.

Check out Fat Joe's latest Big Pun tale above and make sure to go back and check the other hilarious Big Pun stories below.

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