It's been a whirlwind year in 2017, with different achievements, scandal, controversies, triumphs, victories and more taking place. While some people have had the best year of their lives, others have found themselves facing some of the most difficult trials and tribulations. That goes for hip-hop, too.

XXL asks fans on Twitter to share the rap songs that describe their 2017 perfectly, and we received a range of responses. From "Bam" off Jay-Z's 4:44 album and Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" smash hit to Big Shaq's "Mans Not Hot" record and Eminem's recent "Walk on Water" single, it looks like this year was different for each and every rap fan.

Some hip-hop loyalists even used previously released music from former years, such as Lil Wayne's "I Feel Like Dying" track from 2007's The Drought Is Over 2 to describe the year they experienced.

Being that many in the U.S. have faced hardships and shake-ups this past year ever since Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, there's sure to be even more responses from people sharing their candid thoughts on 2017 through their favorite songs.

Take a look at all of the responses to how people described their 2017 year with rap songs below.

Fans Share the Rap Song That Describes Their 2017 Perfectly

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