Drake has some real dedicated followers. Getting an entertainer related tattoo isn't to uncommon. But one Drizzy fan recently took it to the next level by getting huge tattoo of the cover (words) from Drake's recent mixtape release, If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. Recently, a picture surfaced on the 'Net of a man, who appears to be at a tattoo parlor, with the freshly pressed album title inked on the back side of his neck. Ouch.

While the size and location of the tatt might be eye-popping the idea isn't an anomaly. King Louie also recently got two Drake-related tattoos on his face. The first is the numeral 6 next to praying hands, similar to Mr. Graham’s “6 God” tattoo; the other is OVO’s signature owl mascot.

While not everyone was hype enough to go get signature ink because of it, Drake's new mixtape If You're Reading This, It's Too Late did put the Internet in a frenzy. The Young Money rapper had been rumored to be releasing a project soon, but put out the mixtape with no notice. Despite no warning or promotion the mixtape, which is available on iTunes, is projected to sell in the range of 500,000 copies in it's first week. Now, is it tatt worthy? Apparently Aubrey has a bigger affect on some of us than others.

Check out the crazy Drake inspired body art, above.