Famous Dex and Youngboy Never Broke Again live their best life in a new video for "In the Bank," a tune they dropped all the way back in January.

In the beginning of the new video, which dropped on Tuesday (July 3), we can see Dexter waking up after seemingly hooking up with a few beautiful ladies during a night of extravagant partying. From there, we see Dex head out to a costume party.

Although everything looks pretty chill, the masks of U.S. presidents, slow motion cameras and dark lighting of the visual make for an almost Purge-like vibe that never really leaves the screen. The Purge feeling reaches peak levels as one mask-wearer clutches a bat and proceeds to bust open a piñata filled with cash.

On the song itself, Dex offers up his typical flexes. "Bad bitch, classy bitch, but she a thot (yeah, what), uh wait/Whack a opp, catch a opp (what), I got my mop (yeah, uh Dexter)/I'm the leader of the wave (I am)/Too many chains like a slave (uh woah)," he raps on the track.

For his part of the video, Youngboy, who recently released the deluxe version of his Until Death Call My Name album (Until Death Call My Name: Reloaded), can be seen partying it up with a several scantily clad baddies as he bounces around a lavish mansion.

Watch the video for "In the Bank" below. Revisit Dex's Dex Meets Dexter album when you're done with that.

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