Famous Dex is done with popping Xanax and sipping lean.

In an Instagram video he uploaded Thursday (April 11), Dex speaks to his supporters and confirms that he's put down the pills and promethazine for good.

"I just want to thank God," Dex says. "I don't do Xans, lean...it's over with, you know what I'm sayin'? God is good, God is great. I just want to thank God for everything. I want to thank my supporters, I want to thank everybody supporting me, everybody that know me. God is so good. I'm relaxed. I'm chillin'. I'm good. God is good, man. He's great."

Dex's update comes months after his 4.1 million Instagram followers witnessed him pass out while previewing new music during his Instagram Live session. At the time, it was reported that once his management saw the viral videos from his Live, they were immediately concerned for his well-being and made the right moves to ensure he got the help he needed.

"I'm doing it for me and my children," Dex says in his IG video.

Since the rapper has made amazing progress over the past few months, Dex is getting plenty of support from the hip hop community. So far Jay Critch and Rich The Kid have congratulated him on his healthy come-up.

"So proud of yu God got u don’t worry bout nothing you will concur," Rich told Dex in his Instagram comments.

Check out Famous Dex's update below.


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