Famous Dex SZN is in full effect. Today (April 6), the Chicago rapper pulls up with his long-awaited debut album, Dex Meets Dexter.

Checking in at 14 tracks, Dex's LP includes features from A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Drax Project and Diplo. While Dex definitely brings a few heavy hitters to the table, tracks like "Japan" show he can easily carry a track by himself. If you're a Dex fan, though, you probably already knew that much.

On the aforementioned track, "Japan," Dex puts his confidence and an effortless flow on full display. "Baby girl, what you doing, where your mans?/I just popped a Xan, 50,000 in Japan/I ain't doin' no playin', these red bottoms, not no Vans/And she tellin' all her friends, I might put 'em on the Gram, aye/Baby girl, what you doing, where your mans?" Dex spits over the mellow instrumental.

Listen to Dex Meets Dexter on iTunes and check out Dex's dope karaoke cover of The Temptations' "My Girl" when you're done with that.

Famous Dex's Dex Meets Dexter tracklist

1. "DMD"
2. "Prove It"
3. "Japan"
4. "Deadpool"
5. "Light" featuring Drax Project
6. "Celine"
7. "Take Her" featuring Wiz Khalifa
8. "Hemi"
9. "Pick It Up" featuring A$AP Rocky
10. "Them Days"
11. "Said So"
12. "Xoxo"
13. "Chump"
14. "Champion" featuring Diplo

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