Singer Tish Hymna deleted the original video of Famous Dex beating his girlfriend from her Instagram account along with the screenshot of text messages he sent her. Find a new video of the incident above.

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On a day when Chicago rapper Famous Dex should be celebrating the release of his new mixtape, Dexter the Robot, his accomplishment is being overshadowed by a video showing him beating his girlfriend.

Dex, who signed to Rich The Kid's Rich Forever imprint in March, is shown hitting the woman repeatedly in video surveillance footage released by singer Tish Hyman. The rapper appears to chase the victim into a corner in what looks like the hallway of a building. Hyman claims the incident took place at her home.

"Let this man #famousdex @famousdex stay at my place," she wrote in an Instagram post along with the video. "He not only TRASHED And BROKE INTO my place. He beat this poor girl so badly. Is this the new generation of great artists that young people are looking up to? And is THIS the type of person a great company like@puma #puma chose to represent their brand. So disappointing. I hope this spreads through the Internet and shows these young people what Young Dexter is about. Thank you for hurting me young man. But you truly hurt yourself."

Apparently Dex addressed the situation on Twitter, in since-deleted tweets obtained by AkademiksTV. "God Know Im Sorry For Flight Her She wasn't hurt my I Cut My Hand Like WtF Im not Like That She Cheated on me an She Was Wrong God Know," the "Feeling Good" rhymer wrote. "Me an my Girl was Fighting Ok Y'all Shit Happen I'm Not Perfect Bt it's God Know that Problem Gone Now." Looks like news of his girlfriend cheating sent Dex into a fit of rage.

Hyman, a singer-songwriter who has worked with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign and Fabolous on "Dreams," goes into detail about Dex breaking into her home. "This nigga was texting me the whole time while breaking into my shit. What a piece of shit please everyone REPOST my last post. Let the world know what a Thieving. Lying. Woman beating person @famousdex is. If you follow me and my music. You KNOW there is nothing I would have done to deserve this. I HELP out my own. And THIS is what I got. Can't lie I feel violated right now but I hope this will stop him from doing this to someone else."

On Twitter, Hyman is being accused of being a snitch, to which she replies, "Snitch? This is exactly what's wrong with you niggers. Reporting an injustice is not snitching. It's justice."

Take a look at the tweets and text messages below.

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