The ever-reliable Evidence tours Los Angeles in the new video for "Bad Publicity," a smooth Nottz-produced cut from the rapper's January-released album, Weather or Not. Strong Army Steady's Krondon, who delivers the hook, also joins the affair.

Evidence teamed with director and frequent collaborator Todd Angkasuwan for the visuals, which follow the Dilated Peoples member as he treks through local landmarks, from his hometown Venice boardwalk to Randy's Donuts, the Capitol Records building and an assortment of freeway on-ramps.

In a surreal twist, accentuated by a miniaturizing tilt-shift lens, all the streets are empty and Evidence paces through the open space like he's surveying wreckage, pondering whether to rebuild or ditch town, while spinning rhymes about his conflicted relationship with the city that molded him.

"Everything I stood for is waging it's war/I miss the road when I'm at home and miss home on tour," Evidence raps. "Lying to myself to say that I ain't changed/I ain't trying to play stupid saying I ain't aged."

The Rhymesayers vet spoke to XXL last month about the unique challenges faced by rappers as they grow older.

"I’m into career mode, but it’s interesting because I still really love it," Evidence said. "There’s gonna be growth, even at this point in my career, which you’re gonna see [with] other artists, where life got in the way. It wasn’t that their skill set fell off; it’s just that they couldn’t be adolescent like I can still be adolescent. Maybe the grown-up society caught up."

"Bad Publicity" is the second track from Evidence's Weather or Not to receive a video, following the Alchemist-produced single "Powder Cocaine" with Slug and Catero.

Watch Evidence's "Bad Publicity" video featuring Krondon below.

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