A week after Joe Budden released a candid song (“Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 2”) announcing his break up with Esther Baxter, the video vixen has come forward with her own version of events, claiming that the Slaughterhouse rapper physically abused her and caused to lose their child.

In a shocking interview with bossip.com, Baxter says that she had a miscarriage due to the alleged abuse of her former boyfriend.

“I had a miscarriage as a result of some actions he deciced to take," she said [watch above]. "We were having an argument about inappropriate behavior on Twitter. Him being inappropriate with other woman on Twitter. Basically we got into an argument and he went into a rage and started throwing my stuff down the stairs. My clothes and shoes and everything, He’s telling me to get out. I went into another room and locked the door and he didn’t like that. He came over and kicked the door down. He came into the room and grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me out of the room multiple times. And basically ended up choking me until I couldn’t breathe, slamming me up against the door. I told him that if he didn’t stop I was going to call the police. So in an attempt to grab my phone from me he threw me on the floor wrestling with me and ended up just throwing me on my back and grabbing me by my wrist and sitting on my stomach for half an hour while I was screaming that I was pregnant."

Baxter said she was eventually free to leave the house which is when she went to the hospital and found out the news. She then filed charges with police and Budden was arrested that night.

Along with the interview, Bossip obtained photos of Baxter detailing the alleged abuse. [See below]

Budden immediately took to Twitter to comment. “Apparently, all it takes is a few pics of rug burn to start a million women march, lol,” he said minutes ago. “[A]lright, u guys busted me, i'm the devil & was put here on a covert mission ... can't sneak 1 past u guys huh, lol .. FOH”  —Elan Mancini

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