Eskeerdo, real name Alexander Izquierdo, has himself a hit single with "Bitta." The Miami-Dade County, Fla. native raps about the haters around the world who don't like to see other people successful. The record is accompanied with a catchy hook, loud bass and now has a video that should keep the momentum going.

"Bitter as a fat stripper full of glitter you ain't making one dollar/Bitter as the homie on the bus stop, sweating cuz it's hot somebody come get him/Bitter cuz your check got a sad face, not enough zeros/Bitter as Hillary somebody killing me after that line but I don't give up/I say, you look, you look bitta," raps Eskeerdo.

The video finds the rappers surround by his friends and beautiful women while they turn up. The video, which was directed by Jon J Visuals, features bright colors that adds to the visual effect. 2017 should be a good year for Esk.

The Cuban rapper/songwriter, who has been penning lyrics for industry stars like Rihanna and Trey Songz in the past, released Cuban Jesus project last year. Watch the video for "Bitta' below.

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