Erykah Badu adds her own signature flare to Drake's "Hotline Bling." Cleverly titled the "But You Can't Use My Phone Mix," the track is over seven minutes long, but it's seven minutes of musical genius. Badu sticks to the original beat, but switches up the words a bit to fit her own situation. "You used to call me on my cell-u-lar de-vice at-night," sings Ms. Badu on the hook. Around the 2-minute mark is when she kicks up, giving us that classic 90's crooning vibe we've all grown to love, followed by a few "well well wells."

Around 2:45, the track takes on a form of it's own. If you want a few laughs, listen to the voicemail message that comes on at the 3-minute mark. After the comical break, Erykah slows the track down more, really turning it into one of her own. "The people said just let it go/And on and on and search and search/But they don't ride around with us, oh no no/And that's too bad we love to hate/And for a while we stayed the same/But now you tryna change the game, oh no no" she sings before going back into hook. Listen to it above.

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