South Florida rapper Eric Biddines escapes his frustrations on the new track "Peeuurrnn." The song is slated to appear on Biddines' upcoming album, The Local Café, which drops on Jan. 27.

"Peeuurrnn," produced by Upgrayde, features an addictive, head-bobber of a hook on which Biddines raps, "Oh me, oh my, oh no, wassup/By the time you count to three I'mma disappear, be gone like 'peeuurrnn!'" Meanwhile, the instrumental serves as the perfect complement to Biddines' rapid-fire verses.

Biddines tells XXL that the inspiration behind "Peeuurrnn" is his desire to get out of his current situation. "People have told me that to win I need to get out of Florida fast and relocate, because there’s not many opportunities here," he shares. "‘You ain’t gonna make nothin’ of yourself living here,’ they say. It’s true -- I know every corner here too well. When you go to another place, that two lane road opens up into a four lane highway, and the opportunities just increase. It's night and day. I wanted to teleport out of my frustrations like 'Peeuurrnn!'”

The MC says he got the idea for the "Peeuurrnn" sound effect from a stand-up comedy set by JB Smoove.

With the new track capping off his year, Biddines' is moving into 2017 with momentum. "I want the new project to build a bridge between me and the fans, help them know me and allow them to understand who I am through this project," he says. "I want to be able to tour and touch the people off this project. I want my fans to know that I'm just like them; I'm a human being who loves coffee and cars and people. I didn't have any huge expectations other than to be heard, because I bring a healthy meal to the table."

Get into Biddines'"Peeuurrnn" above and, in case you missed it, check out his video for "Purple Gold Fishes" and "Whole Trunk" below.

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