Happy non-denominational holidays rap fans! For those safe at home, and not pistol-whipping innocent moms for Jordans, Blu and Homeboy Sandman have released a pay-what-you-want EP, Homeboy Sandman Is The Sandman. Sandman continues to be wildly prolific–Homeboy Sandman Is The Sandman is his third release in 2014, after his White Sands EP and critically lauded full length Hallways.

Homebody Sandman Is The Sandman features the sample chopping, soul jazz-y instrumentals of Blu, himself no stranger to frequent release dates. "Sunshowers" is a particular standout, with Sandman dropping sunshine puns over a Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band sample. Even if you spent all your money on gifts, you can still afford something for yourself. You could follow 9th Wonder's advice and pay for the EP. Do what feels right.

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