Last week, a video of Eminem kissing an unknown woman began making its rounds online. Now, we know the clip was simply a snippet from the video for the Detroit rapper's Ed Sheeran-assisted Revival single, "River," which just dropped today (Feb. 14).

The new Emil Nava-directed visual is part found footage, part documentary style, as it finds Em, his temporary lover and her ex being interviewed at various points and includes video of Em and his lady kissing. Right from the jump, Em lets the man behind the camera know his relationships haven't been the stuff of fairy tales.

"What does love mean to you?" an interviewer asks Slim Shady. "My personal life is not exactly a highlight reel," Em replies after a notable pause. Gotta love the guy's honesty, which also carries over in the song itself.

If you've listened to the song before seeing the visual for it, you already know the general story. In the song, Em details a crumbling relationship that ultimately ends with something neither he nor his partner actually wanted.

"Fuck can I say? If life was a highway/And deceit was an enclave, I'd be swerving in five lanes/Speeds at a high rate, like I'm slidin' on ice, maybe/That's why I may have came at you sideways," he spits on the track.

The visual gets pretty violent toward the end. We'll let you see what happens for yourself, though.

Check out the visual for "River" below.

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