More than a few Eminem fans think one video that was uploaded to his YouTube account could be a sign that new music is on the way.

Fans overreacted when a random video labeled "The Real Slim Shady" was uploaded to Em's account on Tuesday (Sept. 10). The video doesn't feature any new material from the Detroit rapper despite the cover art saying "The Real Slim Shady." In fact, the only music we hear is the sounds of drums, piano and a saxophone. Even though Em doesn't appear on the song at all, fans were convinced that the video is a part of his stealth promotional campaign for new music he may have in the works.

"Eminem is a legend when it comes to hinting albums," one YouTube user said in the comments. "Do it.. Drop the album EM!" said another YouTube user.

One Reddit user gave a pretty thorough breakdown of what they felt are the signs that the video is a sign Em's got new music on the way. In the post, which was created on Friday morning, the user says spoken word parts of the song actually sound like someone saying Shady's/Satan's back. They also note that with Eminem's stature he could easily have the song taken down if he didn't intend for it to stay up.

The issue with the user's theory is that the video has since been removed from Eminem's account and relocated to PhilipJones16-Topic on YouTube. So, it looks like this might have just been a random glitch.

While the conspiracy stuff might seem far-fetched, the Internet is aware of how much of a troll Em can be. Back in 2017, the Shady Records CEO kicked off his promo run by teasing a faux prescription drug ahead of his Revival album. While he hasn't done anything as elaborate recently, he did post a cryptic tweet that sparked conversations about new music a few weeks ago.

“People think they want this problem ’til they get it,” Eminem tweeted on Aug. 28.

Check out more reactions to the mysterious video below.


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