Eminem is turning back the hands of time to his near-fatal drug overdose, which served as his wake-up call back in 2007. Now we're getting a grim perspective on his new album, Revival.

On the project's final track, "Arose," the Shady Records founder raps about the aftermath of the overdose, painting a hypothetical picture of what would happen if it had resulted in his death. Not only does he detail his experience at the hospital following the overdose, but he also discusses the reactions of his three daughters and leaving his family behind, including his half-brother, Nathan.

"Feels like I'm underwater submerged like a submarine/Just heard that nurse say my liver and kidneys aren't functioning," he rhymes. "Been flirtatious with death, skirt-chasing, I guess/It's arrivederci, same nurse, just heard say they're unplugging me."

Eminem also admits that dealing with the death of his longtime friend and D12 member, Proof, who died in 2006, helped push him over the edge as well. He speaks to the late rapper directly on the track.

"And Proof, I'm truly sorry if I let you down, but this tore me in two/The thought of no more me and you," Eminem spits. "You gave me shoes, Nikes like new for me for school/Doody, I'm trying, but you, you were the glue that binded/So many things, time, I'd give anything to rewind it/I had to walk down my halls and constantly be reminded."

Em's Revival is receiving a lot of mixed reviews from the music community so far, but there's no question that he is diving deep into his emotions on some of these records.

Take a listen to "Arose" below to hear him recount his previous drug overdose.

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