Eminem has reportedly filed a protective order to prevent two The Real Housewives stars from using the word "Shady" in their podcast title.

Eminem Aims to Prevent Podcast Title Name

Eminem is ready to go to battle over his Shady moniker. On Monday (Jan. 1), CBS News reported the Detroit rapper his filed a protective order to try and prevent Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, stars the reality TV series The Real Housewives of Potomacfrom using the word "Shady" in their podcast titled Reasonably Shady. Slim has asked the court not allow the duo to use the title as it may cause confusion as to his involvement with the podcast.

XXL has reached out to Eminem's team for comment.

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Eminem's Ongoing Name Battle

The case began last year when Eminem opposed the trademark filing for Reasonably Shady, which was launched in 2021. Dixon and Bryant then tried to get the court to shoot down the rapper's request, and asked that he be deposed. Em's legal team wasn't trying to hear it.

"As a threshold matter, Applicants’ Motion to Compel is premature and procedurally improper as Applicants have yet to serve Opposer with a notice of deposition, a necessary prerequisite to taking and requesting that the Board compel a deposition," Eminem’s lawyer argued. "Opposer’s Motion to Compel the deposition of Mathers is also premature and unwarranted because, despite Opposer’s expression that the deposition would be both duplicative and unduly burdensome given Mathers’ limited knowledge of the subjects at issue, his absence of unique knowledge of the subjects at issue and others’ superior knowledge of said issues."

Em then filed the protective order in an attempt to avoid deposition.

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