Big Sean's new album I Decided. is finally here. One of the most talked-about tracks is the Eminem-assisted "No Favors," on which Em calls President Trump a "bitch."

“I'm anti, can't no government handle a commando/Trump’s a bitch/I’ll make his whole brand go under,” Eminem raps. “And tell Dre, I’m meeting him in L.A./White Bronco, like Elway speeding/I’m about to run over a chick... Female stay beatin’ em, bet you they’ll stay bleeding/And yell wait, pleading but screaming is pointless, like feeding Michel'le helium.”

The record, which lands at track number four on I Decided., is about how neither Sean nor Em needed any help getting to where they are now. It's also an announcement of sorts, letting others know they won't be giving any handouts on their own journeys to the top. You can stream the WondaGurl-produced track below courtesy of Apple Music.

Sean Don recently gave an extensive interview on Beats 1 Radio and discussed his reaction upon hearing Eminem's verse.

“Eminem was the only person I heard that could be on that song,” the Detroit MC says. “It reminded me of why I am such an Eminem fan. It reminded me of why I fell in love with Eminem’s work. He’s unique. He’s special. When I first heard him, I feel like he was bringing new flows to the game. When he did this verse, it brought that feeling right back to me like, ‘Wow. This is a brand new energy.’ All the things he said were so necessary for the album... That’s what I was happy about. I’m glad that he addressed things, conceptually, that necessarily weren’t addressed. Super thoughtful.”

As aforementioned, you can stream "No Favors" below.

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