Emilio Rojas switches things up with his new track "Nights Like This." Using infamous rock couple Sid and Nancy as focal points of his cover art, Rojas raps about a tangled love affair involving his new girl and his old.

As the New York rhymer describes, things get messy quick when the sneaking around starts. Let the mind games begin.

"I'm dealin' with women tryin' to forget us/But we break up and fuck like it's a fetish/My girl findin' hairs, with me lyin' there/And she start cryin' cause she ain't tryin' to share/But I'm wishing that you never leftIn a minute I forget you then you send a text/It been fucking with me mentally/Because you want to be remembered, you don't want to be a memory," rhymes Rojas.

This new track is a swift change from the rapper's more recent releases, "I Hate Donald Trump" and “F*ck With the People That F*ck With You”. Though he's known to be direct with his messages on wax, "Nights Like This" seems much more introspective and symbolic. You got to respect the versatility.

Listen to "Nights Like This" below.

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