Emilio Rojas is back with his second release of the year. Last Friday (Nov. 2), the rapper unleashed Life Got in the Way, an 11-track effort that takes a deep dive into his past to face his issues and shortcomings.

From a broken family situation to label deals falling through, Rojas has been through it all, hence the title of his new album. Life Got in the Way is produced entirely by Illmind and features Hi-Rez, Gene Noble and Hi-Tone. "Omen," which samples Puff Daddy's "It's All About the Benjamins," is assisted by Jarren Benton, who he collaborated with on January's One Week Notice.

“I feel like I had a lot of moments, right, where people were like ‘Yo, it’s about to happen,’" Emilio tells XXL. "And then for one reason or the other some shit happened that it didn’t happen. There were moments where I was supposed to sign to major artists and shit didn’t happen."

One label he's referring to is MMG, to which he was supposed to sign to some time back, but when it came down to partnering with the label and "making the paperwork right it just never materialized."

"It was nothing negative—Ross showed me a lot of love," Emilio states. "At that point I didn't understand this, but they wanna see you take the initiative and in my youth and my lack of experience I didn't realize now it's time to really put my foot on the gas. So we kinda eased off."

"And the worst thing you could do in any business is get comfortable, you know?" the "Walk Through Fire" rapper adds. "So you have to really embrace situations that could catapult you those are the moments when you really have to fuckin' grind it out."

Emilio Rojas has shown growth throughout the years and it's clear he's learned from every obstacle he's faced.  "Life got in the way but we still out here, you know?" he shares. "Yeah, shit happened and my pops left, but so what? My mom taught me how to tie a tie instead... That’s a hurdle but you step over bumps in the road. You just keep moving.”

Take a listen to Life Got in the Way album below.

Emilio Rojas’ Life Got in the Way Album Tracklist

1. "Crown of Thorns"
2. "Omen" featuring Jarren Benton and Hi-Rez
3. "Modern Family"
4. "Tainted"
5. "Donno You"
6. "New to New York" featuring Gene Noble
7. "Wesside"
8. "The Cost" featuring Gene Noble
9. "Dirty Timbs"
10. "Life Got in the Way"
11. "20 Bands" featuring Hi-Tone

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