Emilio Rojas isn't letting 2018 come to an end without dropping off another full-length project. The rapper will be teaming up with producer iLLMind for his new album, Life Got in the Way.

The album, which is executive produced by iLLMind, features Jarren Benton, Hi Rez, Hi Tone and Gene Noble across 11 tracks. Life Got in the Way will debut on Nov. 2.

"The project I’m about to drop is important. If you’re a new fan or a day one fan - here’s a back story: I haven’t put out a project in a long time... too long. A lot of things were going on in my personal and professional life that made me feel like I should wait," Emilio wrote on Instagram about the project. "I wanted to set everything up right. I wanted to remove the toxic energy from my circle and surround myself with positive people... BUT I was working the whole time. I was working on myself... working on improving my relationships with everyone close to me, building new relationships with like minded and motivated people... and repairing the relationships that might have been strained by the way I dealt with things. That’s why this project is called 'Life Got in the Way'. It’s about identifying issues within yourself that you are dealing with - whether you caused them yourself or they were a result of unexpected circumstance, or toxicity beyond your control."

"Crown of Thorns," the first official track off the upcoming project, has a visual that begins with indications of childhood mental and physical abuse. A mother, father and child are portrayed as having a broken home while Rojas reflects on his path to success. There are countless scenes of arguing, frustration, hurt and wanting to run away. Towards the end of the video, the father and son are seen bonding as they find a common ground of love for one another.

“There was aliens in my family/ But me I'm only human/And what happens after Jesus learned his only friend was Judas/Everybody who's around me, they really wanna con me/ They really wanna drown me/Wanna get slick, with a little bit of bread," he raps.

Earlier this year, he released “Walk Through Fire,” which finds him discusses the issues that immigrants in the U.S. face. He also spoke out about President Donald Trump in a diss record released two years prior.

iLLMind, who previously produced Drake’s Scorpion and Logic’s Bobby Tarantino album, appears to be booked and busy.

Watch Emilio Rojas' visual for "Crown of Thorns" and the check out the tracklist for Life Got in the Way below.

Emilio Rojas' Life Got in the Way Album Tracklist

1. "Crown of Thorns"
2. "Omen" featuring Jarren Benton & Hi Rez
3. "Modern Family"
4. "Talented"
5. "Donno You"
6. "New to New York" featuring Gene Noble
7. "Wesside"
8. "The Cost" featuring Gene Noble
9. "Dirty Timbs"
10. "Life Got in the Way"
11. Bonus: "20 Bands" featuring Hi Tone

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Breaking Point Music Group

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