After sending a bold message with "I Hate Donald Trump," Emilio Rojas is back with "Fuck With the People That Fuck With You."

Rojas has no time for fake ones and puts it out there on the track, produced by JR for So Hot Productions. "Soon as you poppin' they act like they know you, but fuck 'em," he rhymes.

He even brings Love & Hip Hop star Cardi B into the conversation. "I'm feeling different, I'm feeling different/My women are thicker, they looking like strippers/She told me to hit it, a minute is shifting," he raps. "I put on Cartier, and then I run through all these little Cardi Bs like they were cardio."

Last month, the rapper dropped the hilarious visual for "I Hate Donald Trump." Men in ridiculous Trump masks parade around the clip while quotes from the newly elected president's controversial speeches and interviews pop up.

After Trump earned his presidential win last week, beating presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, hip-hop had a lot to say about the final results. T.I. was one to speak out. "We sorry guys...I swear on my life,If I could've done more I would've," he wrote on Instagram along with a photo of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hugging. "We all deserve better. We just gotta live through this&prepare ourselves for what's next. We appreciate what you guys tried to do for US ALL as a nation. Unfortunately we weren't ALL ready for the change you wanted to bring about."

Tip and Meek Mill even joined the thousands across the country who took part in anti-Trump rallies.

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