Fans do the darndest things. Case in point: Eem Triplin brought a fan onstage last week and the person started vomiting continuously.

A Fan Vomited at Eem Triplin's Show

Last Wednesday (June 14), Eem Triplin hopped on his Twitter account and shared a video, which you can view at the bottom of this post, featuring his concert performance. In this clip, a fan continuously vomited onstage while Eem was performing. The Youngstown, Pa. rapper was performing a song and invited a fan to join him onstage to rock the mic. Everything seemed to be fine until Eem gestured to the young man to spit some bars.

Before the fan could utter one word, he began to vomit on stage much to the disgust of the crowd. He stopped for a second and began to throw up liquid again. Undeterred by his vomiting, the young man tried to rap on the mic and once again a stream of upchuck flew out of his mouth. Thankfully, a security guard grabbed the underachiever by the collar and quickly escorted him off the stage.

In his tweet, Eem explained what happened and why the fan was so sick. "[Man] tha kid begged me the whole show to bring em up to perform this song [cry loudly emoji]. [Tha] drank got the best of em. all love to him tho [cryloudly emoji and heart emoji]."

This was truly a fan and a rapper's worst nightmare scenario.

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Rappers Have Fought Fans Onstage Before

While it is uncommon for a fan to vomit on stage with their favorite rapper, there have been several instances of rappers having to fight fans during their performances.

Rap duo Run The Jewels are not afraid to knuckle up if a fan jumps onstage and wants to fight. During their performance at a past event via SXSW in Texas, a fan rushed the stage and attempted to attack El-P. When Killer Mike tried to intervene, the transgressor took a swing at him. That's when all hell broke loose. A scuffle broke out on stage and the duo was joined with security to kick the man off the premises. RTJ immediately continued their set, but it was later revealed that Killer Mike suffered a torn rotator cuff during the altercation. Check out the incident below.

Heed our advice: Do not jump on stage while a rapper is performing.

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