Every show—particularly a rap show—is decked out with security guards at the front of the stage trying to keep fans from impeding the performance. But sometimes, that task is simply impossible. There are artists who encourage fans to come up on stage and stage dive back into the crowd, but for the most part MCs like to treat the stage as their own personal sanctuary, not to be infiltrated by those who are not worthy. For some reason, the last few weeks have seen more and more incidents where rappers or their security have dealt harshly and succinctly with fans rushing the stage, whether it be Kevin Gates, Boosie Badazz or RiFF RAFF laying down the law. Here's a quick recent history of rappers fighting fans on stage.

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    Action Bronson Throws Fan Offstage

    There are a bunch of high-energy rappers on this list, guys who do not suffer fools when they try and enter the performance space. And then there's Action Bronson. The hulking MC from Queens is something of a crowd control expert—he makes four appearances on this list, though it could easily be doubled a few times—but this one is probably the most ridiculous. During a show in Santa Ana, Calif., Bronson grabbed a little person and swung him around, put him on his broad shoulders and generally carried him across the stage like a rag doll before helping the guy launch Superman-style into the crowd.

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    Flatbush Zombies, Raleigh, N.C

    Flatbush Zombies are well-known for having high-energy lives shows complete with mosh pits and stage dives. But at a show in North Carolina in November 2014, Meechy Darko had had enough. "I know y’all like coming on stage, and y’all think that shit is fun," he said. "I don’t want to knock you the fuck out—you paid money to come here. So the next nigga to come on stage is going to get knocked the fuck out.” One fan took him up on the offer and Darko kept his word and tossed him back into the crowd. Unfortunately, the story has a serious note; the fan appeared to have a seizure afterward and was later seen being carried from the venue.

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    Kevin Gates Kicks Woman in the Chest

    Kevin Gates has started to cultivate quite the reputation for himself as someone about whom you could believe anything; his Instagram feed is proof enough of that. But it was still a little surprising when Gates got into not one, but two scuffles with female fans during a show in Michigan earlier this week. In his defense, the first fan was grabbing him from the stage, but then again there's no rational excuse for hitting a woman. And to do it twice? Now we know that anything goes with Kevin Gates, no matter what it is.

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    Action Bronson, Again

    This is having a bit of a ring to it, no? At a recent performance at London's Lovebox Festival, a fan rushed the stage only to find Action Bronson's fist waiting for him once he got there. It may have seemed like the fan just wanted to say hi to Bronson, but that's not the Queens MC's style; a second punch missed before Bronson tackle/threw the guy from the stage.

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    Run The Jewels Join Security Guards To Throw Fan Offstage

    Run The Jewels are enjoying a well-deserved run in the spotlight, but these aren't the types of headlines that most rappers covet. During their performance at SXSW, a fan rushed the stage and attempted to attack Killer Mike and El-P and a scuffle broke out on stage as the duo joined with security to try and subdue the man. RTJ immediately continued their set, but it was later revealed that Killer Mike suffered a torn rotator cuff during the incident. Don't fuck with the jewel runners.

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    Afroman Knocks a Woman Out

    In a disturbing video, Afroman was performing a guitar solo on stage in February when a fan appeared near him, dancing to the music. Without warning, the "Because I Got High" MC wheeled and knocked the woman unconscious before returning to his performance. He would later try to apologize, but it made little difference; venues began canceling his shows after the video went viral and Afroman eventually announced that he was retiring from live performances. An ignominious end for the rapper.

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    Action Bronson Flings Fan Back Into Crowd

    Different city, same outcome as this fan barely made it anywhere during this show in Seattle before being flung straight back into the crowd. A Bronson special.

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    Flatbush Zombies

    The Flatbush Zombies struck once again in Boston. Meech essentially ended the conflict with a barrage of punches, though.

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    Pouya and Fat Nick

    Back in early April 2017, Pouya, Fat Nick and Ghostmane dealt swift justice to a disrespectful fan. After one fan threw a water bottle (some say it was made of glass) onto the stage, Pouya quickly demanded the man get on stage to square up. The man threw a punch, but within microseconds, Fat Nick and Ghostmane jumped into the fray and beat the daylights out of the guy. If you don't know, now ya know.

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    XXXTentacion Punches a Fan

    During a 2017 concert, XXXTentacion walked through a sea of fans. Before walking into the crowd, he claimed that if anyone touched him, they'd get punched. Apparently, at least one fan did, and, unfortunately, XXX lived up to his words.

  • 11

    Chance The Rapper Tackles Fan Off the Stage

    Chance The Rapper is far from violent, but as one fan found out, you should never, ever rush the stage when he's rocking it. Performing in Miami on Oct. 10, 2016, one fan snuck up behind Chano as he was performing. Within moments, Chance and a security guard tackled the guy off the stage.

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    50 Cent Punches a Woman in the Crowd

    50 Cent was in the midst of an April 2017 concert when he rached his hand out to a slightly overzealous woman. As he was getting off the stage, seemingly to engage the crowd, the rapper threw a fairly vicious downward blow at the woman. Understandably, the crowd was shocked. 50 eventually had the woman come back onto the stage so he could apologize, and in a bizarre twist of events, he let the woman twerk in front of the audience. Less than a week later, it was revealed that the woman planned to sue.

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