Some people find their gift while for others, the gift finds them. The story of 21-year-old Youngstown, Pa. artist Eem Triplin feels like something out of a book. He went from messing around with production software Fruity Loops with his brother to taking producing more seriously in 2017, and fashioning himself into a producer. In the same breath, he was always a rapper, but first gained traction as a producer with things really picking up on that end once he started working with $not in 2020. Now, after his somber single "Awkward Freestyle" dropped in March, he's on the map as one of the faster rising new acts of the year. With "Awkward Freestyle" garnering over 22 million streams on Spotify, Eem is primed to open for Lucki on a U.S. tour, marking his first-time consistently performing on the road.

"Awkward Freestyle," which samples Tyler, The Creator's "Awkward," is about a bad breakup. A lot of Eem's music is about the rougher side of dating and love. The rapper is very honest about how these experience have affected him. On this song, and his many follow-ups such as "Chain Hang Low," "Just Friends?" and "Let You Know" with $not, he uses a fast-paced flow over syrupy, slow-paced samples. This formula has yet to be a miss for him.

Eem Triplin admitted that he started out making trap beats, but stumbled upon his current sound due to his tendency to get bored. After the consistent rise he's put together this year, he's now working on a project, building on the momentum he created for himself in 2022.

Kicking it on the XXL Instagram Live for this week's episode of The Break, Eem Triplin discusses his music origins, how he remains consistent and what he's learned about his own career from watching Lucki perform on tour. Check it all out below.

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"Awkward Freestyle"

"If You Go"

"Just Friends"

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