Nearly two months after dropping their Rags EP, EarthGang is back with Robots, an inventive new six-track EP that marks the next step in the ascendant Dreamville Records duo's artistic journey.

“The project means a lot to me because at the time it helped fuel my creative momentum,” Doctur Dot says of the new EP.  “Robots is just the next step of an overall creative experiment we’re trying. The fans will yield the results. If Rags was you closing your eyes to meditate, then Robots is that deep breath you take.”

Johnny Venus, who serves as the other half of the talented Atlanta duo, says creating the new project also doubled as a path to self-discovery.

“This project helped me learn things about myself, diving deep and discovering what makes us tick,” Venus reveals. “I’m excited about the range of emotions we show. Lots of us, especially black men, are raised not to be emotional or to only show strength and anger. Emotions are our super powers. We should embrace them. To me, that’s living life fully and truly.”

EarthGang's also dropped off an eccentric visual for their new EP's title track. In the Chad Tennies-directed video, the two rappers are rocking some suped-up goggles and move about the suburbs moving mechanically—like a robot. Check out the visual and the Robots EP for yourself below, and be on the lookout for more new heat from one of the best new groups coming out of the south.

EarthGang's Robots Tracklist

1. "Lyfted Intro"
2. "Artificial" (Prod. by Swish)
3. "Robots" (Prod. by Anonxmous)
4. "Underwater" Feat. Sir (Prod. by Insightful)
5. "So Many Feelings" (Prod. by Anonxmous)
6. "Flickted" (Prod. by Johnny Venus + Groove)

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