Detroit native Earlly Mac's "#LikeKanye" has built a nice buzz over the past couple of weeks, aided by its interesting video, which is a compilation of Kanye video clips. Now, Earlly Mac is back with the remix of the track, featuring Bizzy Crook and Chuck Inglish.

The hyphy style production give the track a Bay Area feel, with Earlly Mac's mellow rhyme style adding to it. Mac's verses are unchanged from the original, talking about all the things he has in common with 'Ye, including them both being Geminis, both having an attitude, and both having bad bitches. Bizzy Crook, who says he "dropped outta college like Kanye," delivers on his verse, talking about an old girl that passed on him when he was coming up. Chuck Inglish gives us a solid verse to round out the track, talking about only going to hotels "if [he] can smoke there," and ending the track by saying, "yeah that shit cool, but it ain't Chuck though," a nod to Kanye's now famous "It Ain't Ralph Doe" rant last year.

Hear the "#LikeKanye" remix above, and check out our The Break feature on him here.