Earl always seems to drop gems like this out of the blue. The 20-year-old wordsmith is back with another banger, "45," which is likely produced by The Alchemist. The production is laden with strings and horns that make the track sound like a mix of medieval instruments and a soundtrack from a early '70s Blaxploitation movie. Earl spits on the unqiue instrumental with ease, with bars like "they keep an eye on me / I am not a child artist / I raise the bar and hit a chin up for a while on it." He takes on a more aggressive tone than usual, with his voice noticeably higher than it usually is on tracks. Earl raps for about a minute, then the track fades out.

No word on what project this is off of, or if the 1:16 clip is an entire song or a part of a longer joint. Just enjoy the track above.

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