The Durag Dynasty is back. The group of Planet Asia, Killer Ben and TriState joined forces with Domo Genesis for a new single called "Class Picture" produced by The Alchemist.

Since the Durag Dynasty's 2013 debut album was produced entirely by The Alchemist, it should come as no shock that the acclaimed producer linked back up with crew. Domo Genesis crafted his own album with Alchemist too, so the chemistry is there.

HipHopDX reports that Durag Dynasty will release an augmented reality video for "Class Picture" with the help of the Hunt AR App. The Hunt AR App specializes in "crafting custom, innovative and never-before-seen experiences through smartphone app development and cutting-edge technology." The Durag Dynasty music video will be the first to premiere on smartphones and tablets through augment reality.

When it comes to the guest on "Class Picture," Domo Genesis has been very busy as of late. The Odd Future member recently released his debut album Genesis. XXL caught up with the Los Angeles rapper who explained that he talked about things on the new LP that he never has addressed before.

"Really talking about my mom and her struggle with raising two kids," Domo explained. "I never spoke about it before. My brother has autism. My mother took care of two kids, one is autistic and my dad was in jail. I was pretty much raised by my uncle who just got in jail last year after having a 1-year-old kid, which left me in an awkward spot because now I’m like the man in the house. I have an older cousin, he’s in college away and I have all younger cousins."

Domo Genesis said that past projects just saw him rapping. The new album is truly heartfelt.

"They love what I do so I try to lead by example," Domo said. "So me being thrust into being the man of the family that was big to me. If you listen to my old projects, I’m just rappin’. This one is really heartfelt. I talk about my family, I talk about being lost. I have openly admitted that I didn’t know what I was doing. There was a point of time for two years where I was just out of the studio because I was dealing with other stuff."

For more insight on the album as well as the current status of Odd Future, check out the entire interview with Domo Genesis.

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