After a lengthy absence, Dreezy is back with her new song "Spar," a track where she tackles everything from institutional racism to President Trump. Kodak Black and 6LACK come along for the ride.

Floating over an Stwo beat that sounds a bit like a ticking time bomb, the three rappers pledge allegiance to their cause as they denounce racism in its many forms. First up is 6LACK, who follows up a strong 2017 BET Hip Hop awards cypher with more piercing lyrics.

"My word is bond as fuck, my life is hard enough/They ain't rewarding us, they disregarding us/And if I go to D.C., I'm trying to spar with Trump/I ain't a politician, just can't ignore this stuff," the Atlanta artist spits for the hook of the song.

Taking the baton, Dreezy delivers an insightful verse that deconstructs Black people's justified distrust of the government. Over the course of just a few bars, she addresses Trump, Colin Kaepernick's protesting of the national anthem and the idea of Black folks paying the legal price for the now-booming marijuana industry.

"Can't say we represented when half our office White supremacist/This can't be no land of the free if kneeling might cost you your position/I'm supposed to respect the system that call our brothers sons of bitches/And when my aunt came home from prison for the same shit ya'll tryna to turn to a business," Dreezy spits. She definitely spazzed.

Kodak takes things home with his own cultural commentary, spitting about coming up in the slums and the hypocrisy of prohibiting adults under the age of 21 from drinking liquor, but letting them join the army.

Cop the song on iTunes or listen to it on YouTube below.

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