Producer and artist Yogi links with DRAM and Lady Leshurr for the new song “Cakin’.” The track is from Yogi's upcoming debut album for Epic Records/Ministry of Sound, which drops sometime in 2018.

The track was premiered through BBC’s Radio 1Xtra. "Cakin'" finds DRAM and Leshurr rapping about the money they're going to get when they become super famous.

"Bitch I got them bands, but hoe I want them mill's (flex, flex)/I can't stand when I'm on Xans, but still I hunt for pills," raps DRAM, who recently changed his name.

Lady Leshurr comes in strong, "Run over them like Suge Knight (skrrt)/Drop kick them, that's DDT/Cops see me on BBC/Ruff Ryders, that's E-v-e/I'm C to the A-K-I-N-G/They already know that I'm a queen (queen)/I am mostly heard of, but I'm never seen/Know what I mean?"

The record came together pretty organically after Yogi made the beat. "I made the beat while I was in L.A. in the summer of 2016 and as soon as I put the drums on the strings, I felt like I was the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, and any time a beat makes me feel like that I know it’s special," he shares.

Yogi adds, “I thought DRAM would enhance that flavor, so I got him on it and then parked it, which is what I do with many of my songs. I then met Leshurr and we really caught a vibe, I really felt where she was coming from as an artist, so I left that meet in my brain for it to render. I then rearranged the song again and brought in a choir and went on the journey of taking the song, arrangement and production to the end of the rabbit hole.”

Bump "Cakin'" below.

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