Two of Atlanta's rising stars link for the new song "Boss." The track finds Drako and Yung Bans teaming up over a Lil Voe beat as they blend their different styles.

Drako kicks off the track with his uptempo flow, rapping, "I'm sittin' on birds like a stool pigeon/I just pulled up with me two bitches/Make 'em split the pole like they superstitious/Had turn 'em on to some new religion."

After a few bars, Yung Bans comes in with his laid-back, nonchalant flow, spitting, "Fuck a nine-to-five, I'ma rob a nigga/I'm so of one-of-one, I'ma boss/I'ma take a nigga shit, can't take a loss/Niggas wanna see me dead."

"Boss" will serve as the latest single from Drako's upcoming debut mixtape, Fully Loaded. The project is set to release on May 11.

As for Yung Bans, after dropping the compilation project Yung Bans Vol. 4 in March, the rapper is now competing for a spot in the 2018 XXL Freshman class. XXL recently caught up with the rapper to ask him why he deserves a spot on the list.

"I feel like, I just did a lot for the culture–creating waves, instead of just doing what everyone else thinks is cool" the "Different Colors" rapper said. "You can't compare my music to really nobody. And it's constantly growing. Even though it's rap, it's creating a whole new level of rap music."

Listen to Drako and Yung Bans' "Boss" below.


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