You can’t finish 2012 without reminding yourself that this was the year for catchphrases. Drake’s YOLO really took off after he released “The Motto.” Usually, the next step is YOLO on a T-shirt, hat or any other type of clothing. So you can’t really blame him if he wants a cut for inappropriate use of his brand.

On Christmas Eve, Champagne Papi uploaded two Instagram photos taken at Walgreens and Macy’s. We’re not sure if he was actually in these stores, but pointed out that they need to “chill” with the YOLO merchandise. This begs the question: Can he get YOLO trademarked? And how much money would he actually get for suing people?


Regardless if Drake can officially copyright his iconic catchphrase, there are others who are trying to do the same. Even Hillary Clinton has attempted to make it her own, using the term to describe the secret of a lasting marriage. We guess he’ll have to handle this situation quickly before those royalties start coming in. But if the people who handled intellectual property knew any better, they would let the 28 million-plus viewers on the video speak for itself.—Eric Diep

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