"I’ve been on this tour. I’m recording new music. I’m about like six, seven new songs in," he says in the above Twitter video. "Just getting warmed up. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, I don’t know what it’s gonna be, but what I do know is I can not wait to come back to the motherfuckin Tacoma Dome and perform all that shit for y’all."

Drake has long provided fans with one-offs or loosies in between album drops, songs like "0 to 100" or "Hotline Bling" soaring when it comes to radio and streams, so his note of not knowing what this new music will turn into is a reflection of that fact, a pre-release like "Hotline Bling" going on to be his Views lead single. In the above clip, he provvides a few closing remarks that seemingly contradict past on-stage messages he had directed at Kid Cudi and Joe Budden.

"What we got inside the Tacoma Dome is we got 18, 19 thousand people from all races, from all places. And all we did was get together tonight, we might’ve drank, we might’ve smoked, but we showed love, we enjoyed the music and now we’re gonna get home peacefully," he said. "And I’m just letting you know, if you take this concept and apply it to your life when you walk out these doors, that’s how we keep this world spinning. We gotta protect each other and love each other. I don’t care if you black, white, blue, orange, red, we gotta show love to one another. So I appreciate y’all for real and I respect each and everyone of you that kept it peaceful tonight. I love y’all for that."

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