Joe Budden threw a pool party in New Jersey on Saturday (Aug. 24). Though Drake wasn't in attendance, his online presence was felt as he noticeably trolled Budden's Instagram Live feed of the event.

Budden shared video from the party on IG Live, which some people logged into to see if the event was popping off. One of those people was Champagne Papi who used the opportunity to throw jabs at the "Pump It Up" rapper with whom has had beef with in the past. Joe dissed Aubrey via song back in 2016 and later admitted it was pointless.

"That shit look like it's sponsored by Four Loko," Drake chimed in in the comments.

He didn't stop there. "The DJ said it's getting out of control it's 67 people there," he added.

Drizzy, who treked Europe earlier this year on his Assassination Vacation Tour, then started jokingly throwing in song suggestions.

"Play 'Story of Adidon' right now and see if it rings off. I promise the only person that's gonna know the words is Rob Markman," he said of Pusha-T's diss track while referencing Genius' Head of Artist Relations.

Aubrey was definitely having fun with it. "Play your diss songs for me right now I wanna see if they ring off," he added along with "'Pump It Up' will send that Air BNB into a frenzy on God."

That comment did get a response from Budden who replied, "Don’t play. I’ll turn that shit on. ‘Pump It Up’ birthed you niggas."

Check out Drake's trolling below.

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