For a few years now, Baka's been known as simply the guy Drake either name-dropped or included in random bits of his songs. Now he's an OVO Sound signee.

At a recent event, Drizzy announced Baka as the newest member of his talented OVO roster, handing him a pen to sign the paperwork in front of what appears to be dozens of people. Check out a brief video of the event below.

For Baka, signing to OVO Sound marks the culmination of a journey that began after he was released from jail a couple of years ago. Drizzy noted this just prior to officially signing the rapper, who appeared on his More Life track, "No Long Talk" and acted as the Toronto rapper's hype man at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

“When [he] got out of jail, there’s a lot of different paths that he could have took. He decided to focus on music," said Toronto's favorite son. “It’s an honor and a pleasure,” he continued. “I just want to give this pen to my brother. I love you, G. Trust me. You’ve been holding it down for a long time.”

Baka hasn't been rapping for too long, but he's already got a solid delivery. When you mix that in with the producers he'll have access to at OVO Sound, he could be on his way to big things. We'll see what he's got planned next in the near future.

Check out an Instagram video of Drizzy's Baka announcement and Baka's recently released music video for "Live Up to My Name" below.

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