Beyoncé's epic album release Thursday night lit the Internet on fire and caught everyone by surprise—everyone including those who worked on it. Rolling Stone spoke with Drake producer and OVO staple Noah "40" Shebib about his contributions to the album, as he produced the track "Mine" featuring Drake over a two-day period this summer.

"They were pressuring me: 'We need this mix. We got to get it done. ASAP, ASAP!'" he said, recalling a phone call from Beyoncé last week. "I fight some people sometimes: 'Don't give me the pressure. You're going to get it. Everybody will be OK. Relax.'"

But 40 delivered the track, and the album came out just as Bey planned—as a shock to the world.

"It was brilliant," he said about the release. "You spend no marketing dollars, essentially. To hold that together and not let that out of the bag is very, very impressive. It's not easy to do. Everybody was surprised. Everybody. It wasn't just the fans."

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