Drake has been teasing his new More Life album playlist since last year, and fans finally think they have a release date for the project. Or do they? Drizzy got the internet into a tizzy, when he put up an Instagram post implying that the album might drop today (March 4).

The post shows a hand-written letter in Swedish. Aubrey is currently in Sweden on tour. “Om du över sätter det här är det försent,” it reads, which translates to, “If you’re reading/translating this, it’s too late.”

But, under what appears to be the 6 God's signature are the words "More Life" and the date "March 4." While OVO fans started losing their minds, Drake later deleted the post.

So is the much-anticipated project dropping today? There might be a better explanation. "It's likely he posted it as a joke/shoutout to Sweden, signed it March 4 because that's the date [his tour is] in Sweden then added More Life because he's always saying it," one IG user pointed out. "Probs deleted it because he realized the connotations."

That makes sense, but fans have reason to be getting restless. In January, Drizzy hinted that the project would drop in late February. “I want to thank y’all for a beautiful first show. Thank you very much. I really do appreciate you,” he told the crowd at his first show in Amsterdam. “And you know what the good news is? I know we got three more shows in Amsterdam right? But the best part about that is if you coming back to any more shows, More Life is going to be out, we can just do some whole new shit, you know what I’m saying," he added.

Drake had another show in Amsterdam on Feb. 26, which came and went without the project coming out. He will close out his tour with two shows in the city on March 27 and March 28.

Check out everything we know about the upcoming playlist here.

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