Drake made his debut as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live tonight (October 15), performing a couple of songs off his upcoming Take Care album and appearing on two skits throughout the hour-and-a-half-long program.

Drizzy first appeared in a skit in which he was the subject of a number of odd interviews, including "A Brief Interview with Drake," during which Drake only got to say half a sentence before it was over; "An Extremely Close Interview with Drake," which only showed one of Drake's body parts at a time, like his mouth and his curly hair; and "A Matching Sweaters Interview with Drake," during which Drake and the interviewee (played by Andy Samberg) wore matching Coogi sweaters, poking fun at Drake's self-proclaimed love for the cold-weather clothing item.

Drake then performed his single "Headlines" as the lyrics to the song displayed on the three walls behind him. Backed by a five-piece band and wearing a blue sweater with the OVO owl on it, green cargo pants and brown boots, the Canadian rapper engaged in his signature hand gestures and leg kicks as he jumped around the stage. At the end, he gave a pound to his guitarist and saluted the rest of the band as the crowd applauded.

The next skit Drake appeared in was the "Weekend Recap," in which he played a teenager dressed as a werewolf for Halloween who "bag jacks" kids' candy. "Yeah, instead of going house to house we go kid to kid, and they cry, 'I'm hungry. I want my candy.' It's really funny," his character responded when asked what "bag jacking" was by WR host Seth Meyers.

He even joined in a rap song that he and fellow werewolf, comedian Jay Pharoah wrote about their Trick-or-Treating past-time. "What we doing, Drake?" Pharoah's character asked, to which Drizzy replied, "We bag-jacking, bitches," as he put his leg up on the table and air-humped. "Give me your Reese's pieces, give me your Hershey bar... We bag-jacking, bitches.. so bring the ruckus if you’re under 12 years old."

Drake brought out Young Money's First Lady Nicki Minaj for the next and final performance, a rendition of his latest release "Make Me Proud." This time, Drake wore a black t-shirt, burgundy pants and black boots, while Nicki showed off her curves in a bright leotard, black stockings, black heeled-boots and a black asymmetrical wig. "I'm so, I'm so, I'm so, I'm so, I'm so proud of you," the two rapped on the chorus.—Mariel Concepcion


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