Social media has become the tool that helps dissect bars from your favorite rappers. Recently, music lovers from all over pointed out it’s possible Drake sneak dissed Kid Cudi on the intro to his More Life project.

The Toronto star may have said some choice words for Cudder on his record "Free Smoke." Many are taking the line "Please come outside the house and show yourself/So I can say it to your face" as a reference to Cudi's tweet calling out Drake last year: "Say it to face, pussy. You think it's a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I'll be out soon. Promise." That tweet was in response to "Two Birds, One Stone," a Drake record that also seemed to address Cudi.

Later on in "Free Smoke," Drake says, “Y'all keep playing with ya nose, yeah/You get high and the do the most, yeah," another line people seem to be taking as a shot at Cudi's drug use.

Peep what people are saying about the lines on Twitter below.


People Think Drake Might Have Dissed Kid Cudi on "Free Smoke"

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