Drake and Jennifer Lopez's relationship — whether it's a publicity stunt or not — has been very entertaining to watch lately. Even though the age difference between the two superstars is a whopping 17 years, Drizzy and J.Lo (read: DLo) have been seen cuddling up for the past few weeks.

The only person who hates the idea of the two lovebirds hooking up seems to be Funkmaster Flex. The outspoken Hot 97 DJ continued his ongoing but mostly one-sided beef with Drake by insinuating that the Toronto rapper was dating Lopez in order to get revenge on Diddy, who allegedly assaulted Drizzy two years ago. Check out how the Internet responded to Flex’s comments here.

The starting point for Drake, 30, and Jennifer Lopez, 47, began in December when the former went to support the latter in Las Vegas during her All I Have show at Planet Hollywood’s AXIS Theater. The rapper was seen snapping a few photos with the singer, which sparked dating rumors.

Rumors started soon after that the OVO leader and J.Lo were more than just friends. A report claimed Drizzy rented out the Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood for J.Lo and about 20 other guests. A few weeks later, the two stars shared an intimate photo together on Instagram, which showed them both cuddling. Soon after, a video, seemingly at a video shoot, caught the alleged couple at a Winter Wonderland Prom sharing a kiss while rocking the crown and tiara of prom king and queen respectively. In the video clip, their new song collaboration can be heard in the background.

The two also recently spent the 2017 New Year celebration together in Las Vegas. Drake was in Sin City to perform at a NYE party at Hakkasan nightclub. His alleged new boo thing was with him most of the night. The former Fly Girl was spotted at the 6 God’s table while he performed. They were later spotted gambling together at the MGM Grand.

To cement their burning passion (or publicity) for each other, XXL collected all the photos of Drake and J.Lo together as of late. Let's hope this relationship lasts for a while.

  • Drake and J.Lo Spend New Year's Eve Toegther

    The two recently spent the New Year celebration for 2017 together in Las Vegas.

    Drake was in Sin City to perform at a New Year's Eve party at Hakkasan nightclub. His alleged new boo thing was with him most of the night.

  • Drake and J.Lo Attend Winter Wonderland Prom

    Allegedly recorded at the Winter Wonderland Prom for a new video, we can see Drake and J.Lo rocking the crown and tiara of prom king and queen respectively as they dance around to a smooth pop track they recorded.

  • Drake and Jennifer Lopez Share Intimate Photo Together

    Drake knows how to set things off.  Several days after Christmas (Dec. 28), the rapper posted a photo of himself and Jennifer Lopez, cozying up on a couch together. Lopez as well shared the exact same photo at what appears to be the exact same time.

  • Drake and J.Lo Attend Concert Together

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