Ebro and Peter Rosenberg have responded to Drake. Hear what they have to say below.

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The Summer Sixteen Tour wrapped up its extended stay at New York City's Madison Square Garden Monday night (Aug. 8) and Drake used the opportunity to take one last shot at Hot 97 and Funk Flex. The latter of the two played a somewhat pivotal role in Drake's beef with Meek Mill last year, playing reference tracks from numerous If You're Reading This It's Too Late songs on air in an effort to expose the rapper's history of using ghostwriters. During his first MSG show last week, Drake called for the radio station to fire Flex.

At Monday night's show though, Drake used a farewell moment to fit in a final jab toward the station and their annual large-scale concert event, saying, "There’s a lot of love in this building right here. Shout out to everybody tonight that touched this stage, it was a lot of people. This is the real Summer Jam. What have they done for New York lately? I don’t know."

Later, Drake posed with Charlemagne, a personality at Hot 97's rival station Power 105.1, laughing it up as they drank bottles of Ace of Spades. On "Back to Back," Drake rapped, "You gon make me buy bottles for Charlamagne," a nod to the inter-station rivalry and who he, Drake, is siding with.

There is a counterargument to be made though, and Hot 97's Ebro uses retweets to make it below, that all of the mentions of the radio station by Drake are actually working in its favor, the notion being that all press is good press and being name-dropped by one of the world's most famous rappers, even in a negative context, can be helpful. Check Drake's comments up top, with a response from Hot 97 via Twitter below.

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