French Montana and Drake have spent enough time together over the years that by now you'd think they shared every story that have in the vault. While in the lab last night (May 10), Drizzy shared a never before told story about watching French on street DVDs and getting a new nickname based on Montana.

"Back in the day we used to watch Smack [DVD]...We used to watch the Cocaine City, I remember the clip when you pulled out all the money in the ground," said the Views rapper. "After that they used to call me French because they said we look the same!"

Getting a kick out of the story, French chimed in and blessed Drake with a new nickname based on the first week sales of the Toronto rapper's new album. "First of all, call him 'Milli First Week!' Don't you ever play yourself."

In our latest issue, we caught up with Troy "Smack" Mitchell, Jean "Cheeko" French and Eric Beasely, the founders of battle rap DVDs Smack and Ultimate Rap League (URL) to discuss the history of the battle rap scene in New York City. With rappers like Drake and French discussing the influence of battle rap on their own careers, it's clear battle rap is still relevant and growing as an industry.

“I see [battle rap] being big,” says Smack. “I see it going into stadiums. We’re already selling out big shows without any major sponsors, just on our own, independently. Now, these sponsors are coming to the table and they want to be a part of what’s happening. That’s only going to propel what we’re doing to the next level.”

Check out a clip from French's Cocaine City below and a snippet of the French & Drake collab as well. Is Six God taking shots at Joe Budden at the end?

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