Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, is once again the star of a new Virginia Black Whiskey commercial, but this time he's finessing his son.

In a new Virginia Black ad, Drizzy posts up at a bar while admiring model Nicole Murphy as she dances to "Passionfruit." After slowly approaching the beauty and having her appear to be walking toward him, Murphy heads straight to the rapper's dad who is standing behind him. A shocked Drake is then asked to hold his dad's drink as "Kinda Crazy" begins to play.

Graham previously starred in a series of Virginia Black Whiskey ads as The Realest Dude Ever —a parody of Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World. "You wanna know who's not worried about The Most Interesting Man in the World? The Realest Dude Ever," the rapper says in one of the commercials.

In related Drake news, the rapper recently put his differences with Meek Mill aside to give a shoutout to the incarcerated artist. While performing in Melbourne, Australia, Drizzy pointed out a fan in the crowd rocking Adidas and gave Meek some love.

"I see you with the Adidas, three stripes," the rapper said to a fan. "I see you got the 'Free Meek Mill' T-shirt," he told another fan in the crowd. "Free Meek Mill, too. You right," he added.

Check out the latest Virginia Black commercial below.

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