Drake hosted last night's 2014 ESPY Awards, handed out to the best athletes and coaches of the past year in sports. But what was in parts an awards show, in parts a tribute to the trials and tribulations of the sporting world, was mostly a Drake Variety Show. And he crushed it. From the opening monologue's "Lance Cam" to his Skylar Diggins near-kiss, here are some of Drake's best moments as host of the ESPYs.

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drake espy host best moments monologue

The Opening Monologue

As could be expected, Drake was a little hit or miss in his opening monologue; it's a tough job for anyone, usually, especially someone trying it out for the first time. But he still had his moments, with jokes aimed at Russell Westbrook ("I've been to Seattle, their fans are incredible. If CenturyLink Field was any louder, Russell Westbrook would be wearing it. You've had some terrible outfits in your life, man, terrible.") and Donald Sterling ("We're just a couple hundred yards from Staples Center, which also happens to be as close as Donald Sterling's about to get," as the camera cut to Blake Griffin trying to cover up a laugh) particularly memorable. His dancing (below) was... pretty horrible, but at least he embraced it. All in all, not a terrible start to the night for Drizzy.

Watch The Video For Drake’s Opening Monologue At ESPYs 2014

drake espy host best moments double lance cam

Double Lance Cam

But the single best moment of the monologue was the Lance Cam, where Drake made fun of former Indiana Pacers' guard Lance Stephenson, who was caught on camera blowing into LeBron James' ear during the NBA Playoffs last year. Drizzy busted out the "Lance Cam," romantically recreating the insanely ridiculous scene, then doubled it up by having Lance join him in blowing into the ears of Paul George for the completely unprecedented DOUBLE LANCE CAM. Oh, the gifs that keep on gif'ing.

Drake And Blake (Or Blake And Drake) It was the best skit of the night, hands down. Blake Griffin and Drake, the co-stars of some fictional action super hero movie, arguing and going back and forth about whose name should go first in the movie title. Each scene was incredible, but the one that stole the show was Chris Brown's cameo as a surgeon; the camera cuts to his face, he smiles and says, "YOLO mothafucka!" Breezy back in America's good graces? Not yet, but it was a pretty big step forward. Hi Rihanna.

Watch Drake And Blake Griffin’s Skit At ESPYs 2014

drake espy host best moments british accent

Drake's British Accent

The introduction of Floyd Money Mayweather was more of a production than most things on the night, with Drake busting out his best British accent and rolling out a scroll better fit for the introduction of some type of archaic British Royalty. But that was what they were going for, and at least Drizzy's British accent was better than most. He really is a pretty chameleonic actor, isn't he? Err, maybe just at playing self-parody. Still, he pulled it off well.

"Honorable Mention" And "Sidepieces"

A close second to the Drake And Blake skit as the best part of the night came when Drake debuted a pair of songs he wrote specifically for the occasion, "Honorable Mention"—dedicated to all those who came in second place, particularly Dan Marino—and "Sidepieces" with Brian McKnight, during which he sang, "A lot of these guys dyin' for this song to end." The most controversial part of the entire night came during "Honorable Mention," when Drake put Macklemore on blast with the line, ”Real talent doesn’t always win championships, like real music doesn’t always win Grammys,” and putting a photo of the "Thrift Shop" rapper up on the big screen. Still hurts, huh Drizzy? Bottom line, though, is that both of these songs were hilarious.

drake espy host best moments pacquiao

Drake As Manny Pacquiao

Just an absurdly ridiculous skit that saw Drake imitating the heavyweight boxer as a singer, showcasing his softer, more emotional side. It was hilariously bad, which of course was the point. Best line—"Are you worried about Mayweather?" "Well, to me, it's warmer in July, so I'm not worried about the May weather..." Check it out below.

drake espy host best moments skylar

Drake Gets Shut Down By Skylar Diggins

He's shouted her out in songs before, but Drake came face to face with his crush Skylar Diggins on the ESPY Stage, and got ready to pucker up, only to get curved hardcore by the good-natured WNBA hottie. Of course, this was one of the most-gif'd moments of the entire night. Drake crushed it, on the whole, and successfully pulled off what it seemed like he was going for: becoming a walking, living, breathing human meme. Bravo, Drizzy Drake. You made it.

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